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Beauty Date is an online platform that in addition to offering online appointments for clients, it also offers a complete management system for beauty establishments. The system has resources for financial management, customer relationship management, inventory management, and others.

Over the years, without well-defined design guidelines, the addition of new features resulted in an out of the standard user interface, that was hard to navigate and not intuitive, not only for the client but also for the internal team. The lack of a clear Design System, the addition of new features ends up being a random process.

Another point was the visual style that was beginning to feel outdated.

Beauty Date SaaS Mind Map

I was responsible for redesigning the dashboard, what involved collecting customer feedback, building a backlog of the company divisions, designing and prototyping for usability validation. There were so many improvements that I decided to develop this mind map (image above) to organize the business objectives and drivers of each requested item. After that, we could focus on the items that fit the company's strategy.

PrototypeWithout an ideal prototyping tool at the time, I ended up making this prototype with JQuery for the usability test. (it works only at higher resolutions than 1280X800)


Beauty Date SaaS dashboard


Beauty Date SaaS dashboard - Services


Beauty Date SaaS dashboard - Reports

Sales Order

Beauty Date SaaS dashboard - Sales Order
Beauty Date SaaS Mobile