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In 2020, COVID-19 caused many companies to face unprecedented challenges in their journey, many of which were unable to survive. The lockdown, necessary for the moment, has made many business models unfeasible, especially those not digitized, which, overnight, were forced to accelerate their digital transformation.

In such situation, Sebrae's role as an institution that provides support for entrepreneurs is even more crucial, skyrocketing the demand for assistance.

The pandemic situation has led many companies with digital solutions to start offering their services in an easy way or for free, boosting the migration of offline users to this new world.Our team has noticed this movement of positive initiatives and decided to collect B2B solutions with free plans and catalog them in a single place - a website - to help the entrepreneur find this kind of information.

Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox Virus

The process

For this project, we formed a squad of 3 members from 2 different units. With the pandemic already underway, all the work was done remotely through online meetings.

We decided that for the launch we would collect an initial list of solutions, but after the launch, new companies interested in joining the list will be able to submit their solutions through a form that will be available on the website.

Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox Team meeting
[slack teams meeting]

Strategy and Research

First, it was decided the evaluation criteria for a solution to be part of that list. Knowing that the product would generate great interest for other companies to join the catalog after its launch, our main concern was to create parameters that would ensure the delivery of value to customers without privileging companies during this assessment.

For the launch batch, an innovation consultancy firm was hired to help us find and catalog these solutions. In this first scan, 70 companies met the pre-established criteria.

Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox Research Spreadsheet
[research spreadsheet]

Build it up

With the curated list of solutions in hand, I have started building the webpage. As our portal uses WordPress as a CMS, it took a few lines of code to bring the project to life.

The last step before launching was to configure Google Tag Manager to measure the number of visits in each solution. This was challenging to solve since I had never done this before, so it took me a few days and some tips from GTM experts to get it running.

One month was the timeframe between the beginning of the idea and its launch.


Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox
Filter by the purpose of the service.
Entry form for companies to submit their tools.
Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox
Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox
Sebrae Covid-19 Toolbox Press release
Some numbers
In the launch week we reached
tools were accessed through the page.
conversion* rate
*people who accessed the page and clicked on a solution.
Within the first week, we were featured in
news media.
At the end of the month
companies were offering exclusive coupons to Sebrae customers through the page.